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Twin Cities Summary Trials

A practice trial, or summary trial, can take much of the uncertainty out of a legal dispute. The plaintiff and defendant may agree on the facts of a case, but disagree on what the outcome would be based on those facts and law. A summary trial gives parties the benefit of seeing how an impartial judge or jury would rule after hearing both sides.

At Gilbert Mediation Center, we provide summary trial services to clients throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and across the United States. Our qualified neutrals have helped law firms prepare for momentous federal and state court trials and appeals, serving in a confidential mock trial setting, or alternatively, where both sides agree to participate in a binding or non-binding hearing.

Our neutrals have extensive experience as trial lawyers and as judges. When presiding over a summary trial or in “mock” arguments, they know what questions to ask and can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your case.

A summary trial can spur negotiation, helping disputing parties move closer to settlement. Whatever your alternative dispute resolution (ADR) needs, our firm is here to provide the knowledgeable guidance you need.

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Our Twin Cities qualified neutrals are available for scheduling. Unlike many of the national ADR firms, we do not charge our clients administrative fees.

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