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*No Administrative Fees and Flexible Scheduling*

Early Neutral Evaluation

Parties engaged in legal disputes are often unsure of the strength of their cases. The way the law applies to their cases may be ambiguous or difficult to predict. In such a situation, early neutral evaluation (ENE) can provide clarity and serve as a catalyst for negotiation and settlement.

In the early neutral evaluation process, a qualified neutral offers an unbiased opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case. Early neutral evaluation can reveal unrealistic positions and help parties better understand their prospects at trial.

The success of ENE depends upon the disputing party’s confidence in the knowledge and expertise of the neutral evaluator. At Gilbert Mediation Center, we have a highly qualified roster of qualified neutrals who can provide you with early neutral evaluation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services.

Our qualified neutrals have extensive experience as trial lawyers and as judges which gives them the necessary perspective to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of our clients’ cases.

Our early neutral evaluation services are geared toward giving clients the insights they need to move toward a negotiated settlement, helping them avoid the uncertainty, time and expense of trial.

Contact Our Minneapolis and St. Paul Early Neutral Evaluators

Our Twin Cities early neutral evaluators are available for scheduling. Unlike many of the national ADR firms, we do not charge our clients administrative fees.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 952-767-0167 to book an appointment with one of our qualified neutrals.